Thursday, January 7, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/7/16)

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These New Year's Eve attacks on women in Cologne are so horrifying and worrisome in 15 different ways - obviously the attacks themselves, but also the ways they're being used as "evidence" against Germany's refugee policies.

Useful context: An expert on right-wing terrorism explains the militia movement behind the Oregon takeover

Oh. Good. Gary Johnson. Just what the world needs right now.

The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel (My main takeaways here: a. my weird vague fondness for Emanuel is almost entirely Josh Lyman-based and I should get over that, and b. I really need to read Rick Perlstein's books. I think I own TWO of them.)

Lest we forget: Megyn Kelly Is a Horrible Person

Oh, Carly. Way too transparent.

This is amazing: Facebook made its own Android app crash on purpose to test user loyalty

How “true crime” went from guilty pleasure to high culture

Related: I haven't watched Making a Murderer yet so I only skimmed this, but in case you are interested: The damning evidence against Steven Avery that Making A Murderer ignored

"The Reuben is good, for some reason."

(My boring Senor Frog's story: My dad and I once went to one in the Bahamas because it was literally the only place we could find that was open before noon and we needed somewhere to sit and spread out our map to figure out a walking route. I had some sort of terrible bright green drink at 11:45am. Obviously the place was full of drunk people already. WE JUST WANTED TO FIND THE ART MUSEUM. [The art museum was closed. Every single place we tried to go that day was closed except, I think, the pirate museum. Somewhere I have a picture of a pirate holding the sock I was knitting because that was back when we were all making everyone take pictures holding partially knitted socks.])

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  1. One thing that annoyed me about Making a Murderer was that, with so much access to the Avery family, there was next to no discussion of or conversation with the family of the victim (in either case tried). Even more annoyingly, the lack of access to the prosecution team(s), police, and the victim's family caused the coverage to be far more biased than I would have liked. I think this problem is worsened by the lack of narration. Lots of people liked having no narrator. I did not. Instead of a narrator, filmmakers used interviews with Avery family members, defense lawyers, Avery himself, and recorded telephone conversations from prison. They only included snippets of recorded press conferences with the victim's family and the prosecution, no interviews.