Friday, January 8, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/8/16)

Happy Friday! And a big thank you and welcome to my newest Patreon patron Lisa! Want to join in the fun and get exclusive stuff? Click here!

I loved the first episode of The Magicians, based on my pal Lev Grossman's books, and it's now online and on demand if you want to give it a watch before the January 25th premiere! Let me know what you think!

Speaking of TV, I'm sure you will all be shocked to hear that I am VERY EXCITED about The Crown, Netflix's upcoming drama about the Queen. Here is the first preview. It looks so angsty! Matt Smith looks so much like Prince Philip! I'm mildly concerned it's going to be unfair to the Queen, for whom I honestly have a lot of respect because of the way she has sincerely devoted her life to duty and hard work!

Ooh! The New York Public Library Just Uploaded Over 187,000 Free Images For All To Use



The Periodic Table Just Got Four New Elements. Everything Is Different Now.

I love this song and did not know any of this! How "The Sound of Silence" Became a Surprise Hit

Greatest list of losers ever?

Perhaps your Friday needs a quiz of dreamy men: Which British TV drama man will you hook up with? (I got Poldark, and he's a bit earnest and idealistic for me, but I guess we're saying "hook up with" not "deal with forever" so . . . I'll take it.)

Every Time Someone’s Eyes Flash Fire In A Sir Walter Scott Novel

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