Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Five: Media Sites I Can't Live Without

(Remember the halcyon days of early-2000s blogging when the Friday Five was a thing? Ah, nostalgia. Anyway. This is not that.)

Trying something new, because a. I love making lists and b. I assume we are all bored on Friday afternoons. So! Going to start giving you quick lists of five things in... some category... and I'd love to hear your answers in the comments!

First up: Five media sites I can't live without, and by "media" sites I basically mean sites with regular additions of content and an editorial voice. I'm pretty much making this distinction because I didn't want to make a "five sites I can't live without" list that would be, you know, Google and Twitter and my bank's site, because that would be boring. For the record, I also disqualified sites that I rely upon for work but actually detest.

So! To the list!
1. The New York Times
2. Vox
3. The Guardian
4. Go Fug Yourself
5. The Toast
What are YOUR five?

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