Monday, April 11, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/11/16)

Me elsewhere: TV news!

Ooh: Napoleon's last home recreated for Paris exhibition (I finished watching the new War and Peace miniseries yesterday - it's very good and on demand for a few more days if you haven't caught it - so I am extra interested in Napoleonic things right now.)

In a Rebel Camp in Colombia, Marx and Free Love Reign

Interesting issues here: Who Decides If You're Too Young To Marry?

This is very interesting; I hadn't thought about her influence on Hillary Clinton and other female politicians: How the Queen led the way in power-dressing for the world stage

I find this more valuable from a tech standpoint than an artistic standpoint, really: 'New Rembrandt' to be unveiled in Amsterdam

I have never read Constance Fenimore Woolson and now I want to.

Why It's OK If Your Passion Isn't Your Full-Time Thing Right Now

This Museum’s Prank Went Wrong And Now They’ve Employed A Cat

Did you know the emails from You've Got Mail are online??? I did not!

Someone pay June Thomas to travel the world and write about stationery, please.

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