Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/13/16)

Me elsewhere: I liked War & Peace. I did not like The Detour.

This extremely well-done piece about documenting war crimes in Syria is a tough read in places but very important.

Shabab and East African Front Militants Compete for Notoriety

The Guardian analyzed their comments and guess which writers got the most abuse?

This headline honestly made me wonder if I'd forgotten how to read: John Kasich Endorses Andrew Cuomo for President

I'm slightly amazed that this kind of nonsense isn't playing a larger role in this election, honestly.

This should be fun: Trump Ally Roger Stone Writing Entire Book Alleging That The Clintons Secretly Murdered JFK Jr.

Why, in 2016, are women still (mostly) silent film stars?

We really need a universal emoji font.

Heh: National Weather Service Takes Off Caps Lock, Will Begin Forecasting Using Inside Voice

I have never seen nor really even thought about the show Naked and Afraid but of COURSE it's someone's job to do all that modesty blurring.

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