Thursday, April 14, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/14/16)

Me elsewhere: The Hunters pilot was okay I guess. And Bones fans, here are some clips from tonight's premiere.

There are a variety of important points this story about ISIS's finances, but I'd never thought about money being LITERALLY INCINERATED by bombs, so that was striking.

In case you need a refresher or to be brought up to date: Brazil's political crisis, explained in 500 words

I had almost forgotten about this, and it's very important: The Legacy of the Kobe Bryant Rape Case

This is a fascinating approach: Inside Saudi Arabia’s Re-education Prison for Jihadists

"'The other candidate on the Democratic side did not reach out to us,' Annette Nance-Holt, whose 16-year-old son, Blair Holt, was shot on a Chicago bus in 2007, said at a campaign event last month. She explained starkly that she was not swayed by Mr. Sanders’s promise of free college 'because my child is dead.'"

I feel like we just went through this with Rubio, and Kasich, but: PAUL RYAN IS NOT A MODERATE. He just yells less.

A Brief and Joyful Update on Fuckin' Craig Mazin, Ted Cruz's Wonderful College Roommate

NOPE: AMC Entertainment CEO Open to Allowing Texting in Some Theaters

Ooh, fascinating: New Evidence on When Bible Was Written: Ancient Shopping Lists

"In so many other movies, Bridget would have been less of a character than a cautionary tale."

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