Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/26/16)

ICYMI, I recommended two recent documentaries.

Me elsewhere: Monday's Daily Read.

‘He apparently had no fears’: The steep, unexpected downfall of Dennis Hastert (I can/can't believe how little everyone seems to care about this, honestly.)

"Syria is gradually becoming another more secretive, hybrid war of the sort that fits into Mr. Putin’s comfort zone, they said." It's good to know your strengths, I guess.

16-Year-Old Trans Boy Is Forcibly Removed From a Ted Cruz Rally

Why Americans Want a Military General in the White House (I was just talking about this with my brother, who's in the Army, and my position remains that Mattis just doesn't have enough name recognition to make any headway at this point. As to the general question, though, it strikes me that the fact that military officers have to pass history tests at least ensures a baseline understanding of the world, which would put them ahead of... several candidates this year.)

This investigation into Christian counseling residences Mercy Ministries is important and compelling.

Ooh, this is fascinating: 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, a Milestone of Foreign Reporting

Forget Too Much TV. It’s Too Big TV We Should Worry About

Jason Clarke as Ted Kennedy is GREAT casting.

If you're wondering who's going to be in Twin Peaks, the answer is apparently everyone. (I should try to watch the original before this comes out, huh?)

Positions I Am Ready to Fill in Your Charming Beach Town

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