Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TV Recommendation: Rebellion

A quick, somewhat belated note: RTE One drama Rebellion has been airing on Sundance TV this week in the U.S., and if you're interested in history it's definitely worth a look. I've only seen the first two of five hours so far, so I can't promise it resolves satisfactorily, but I'm riveted so far.

Rebellion is about a group of people from various social strata and walks of life who get caught up in the Easter Rising and outbreak of hostilities between the Irish republicans and the British in 1916. The main characters are (so far as I can tell) fictional, with historical figures like Patrick Pearse popping up regularly. The young female characters at the center of the show are particularly fascinating, and demonstrate a lot about how the rebellion intersected with challenges to traditional gender roles. I also like how firmly the show places the events in the context of World War I and the anxieties that came with it. And, of course, this has the usual strengths of a big-budget historical show, with gorgeous costumes, elaborate sets, and lots of family and romantic drama happening among the events of war.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Sundance has reruns on the schedule right now, but! My cable provider, at least, is putting the show on demand for anyone who has Sundance as part of their channel lineup, so check there.

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