Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/25/16)

PETER THIEL HAS BEEN FUNDING HULK HOGAN'S LAWSUITS AGAINST GAWKER and I said "Oh whoa!" out loud when this surfaced on Twitter last night. (I assume this is the kind of news that seems HUGE to a certain subset of people and everyone else is just "Who? What? Why do I care?" Which is totally fair.)

Dems discuss dropping Wasserman Schultz This makes me so mad, because of stuff like this: "Lawmakers who have discussed the end of Wasserman Schultz’s tenure acknowledge the fate would be unfair because she’s worked hard to help the party. But they say the greater priority is to mollify restive liberals backing Sanders." NOPE.

If you're wondering, Sanders requested a recanvass instead of a recount because he'd have to pay for a recount, but the state pays for a recanvass. In which no ballots are actually counted. But as long as he's doing something to allow him to claim Clinton cheated, why should he care about actual votes?

David Brooks Writes Column Titled 'Why Is Clinton Disliked?' That Does Not Contain the Word 'Woman' Must be nice to live in David Brooks's world, in which apparently there's no reason to even THINK of such things.

Why Bernie Sanders picked Cornel West to help write the Democratic platform (I mean PERSONALLY I would not pick someone who called the very popular sitting present a war criminal to write the platform of said president's party, but what do I know?)

Twitter is making changes and I think I like MOST of them, though they explained things so badly that (of course) everyone on Twitter freaked out at first.

Um, England? You guys okay over there? The Foreign Secretary Has Just Denied That The Foreign Office Cat Is An EU Spy

Interesting: Book Challenges as Primary Sources in the Study of American Religion

The great Suri's Burn Book is going away, but for the best possible reason.

I hadn't entirely realized the Man in the Iron Mask was still a mystery, but I guess some people think they have solved it?

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