Thursday, May 5, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/5/16)

Me elsewhere: Doctor Thorne is coming to Amazon and Wednesday's Daily Read.

This is soothing: Bernie Sanders fans may not love Hillary Clinton. But they won't vote for Donald Trump.

So is this: Donald Trump Isn’t Going to Be President

We need to keep talking about white supremacists and Donald Trump.

Fascinating: Chinese Feminism’s Long Journey Takes Two Paths at Bookstores

Andrew Jackson’s Adopted Indian Son

Wow: Big Ben to Fall Silent During Renovation

Allison Janney did a White House press briefing!!!

I don't actually have much interest in getting "a thousand likes" on my food Instagrams but this piece has some good food photography pointers in general.

Vladimir Putin Tells F1's Nico Rosberg Good Job, 'If You Can Call It A Job' Oh, Putin.

I can't believe Timothy Parker still has a job.

I've never seen Ghostbusters and I don't recall ever drinking Ecto Cooler but somehow the news that it's coming back made me say "Aw, yay!"

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