Saturday, May 7, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/7/16)

Me elsewhere: A review of Fifty Shades Darker and your Friday Daily Read.

It Is Hillary Clinton's Destiny to Defeat Donald Trump

SIGH: Washington Post: Hillary Clinton Needs to Start Thinking About Men's Feelings

"If all of the superdelegates were eliminated overnight, Bernie Sanders would still be losing the race. Blaming them for his pending defeat isn't just missing the point — it's objectively wrong."

"A true Democrat would look at the rest of the primary calendar and the electoral landscape and realize it is time to let the all-but-certain nominee focus her energy on a more dangerous, unpredictable and formidable general-election opponent." (Of course, we all know that Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, so why should he care?)

Trump, Reagan, and the Downsizing of History

Well that's a relief: The Rolling Stones don’t want Donald Trump using their music at rallies, either

Dahlia Lithwick knew Ted Cruz on the college debate circuit and also when he argued before the Supreme Court and her take on him is fascinating.

If you need to take a break and worry about something other than the election: Might I suggest Turkey?

Stories like this always bring up such complicated questions with no good answers: Chinese Modernization Comes to an Isolated People

Ooh, Isabella Stewart Gardner heist developments: Feds Search Home of Alleged Mobster Suspected in 26-Year-Old Art Heist

Why Won’t Hollywood Cast Asian Actors?

21 Pieces Of Handwriting So Perfect They’re Borderline Erotic

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