Monday, June 13, 2016

Morning Coffee (6/13/16)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Donald Trump's Exploitation of Orlando

If you missed the Tonys, make sure you see Lin-Manuel Miranda's acceptance sonnet.

My first reaction to jurors refusing to serve on the Brock Turner judge's cases was "good for them!" but then a lawyer friend pointed out that those are exactly the people we want to have serving on juries, and that if only people who agree with that judge serve on his cases that will make everything MUCH WORSE.

A musical thriller starring Tom Hardy and Olivia Colman?!?!?! Amazing news.

This headline is funny but the story is actually important and interesting: How Witchcraft Harms Economies

This story is CRAZY: Yoga Twins Blazed Path of Destruction Off Hawaiian Cliff

Brilliant: Nivea Made a Waterslide That Applies Sunscreen to Kids, So Parents Don't Have to Do It

"What is it about romance novels that provokes such scorn? Many have argued that it’s the same features that also make it extraordinarily popular (romance is a billion dollar business, and according to the RWA’s statistics it accounts for 13% of the entire adult fiction market): romance is a genre written by, for, and about women."

I had no idea that the personalized emoji business was such a big thing.

A Shocking Find In a Neanderthal Cave In France

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  1. I like the IDEA of a sunscreen waterslide, although if the fancy sunscreen waterslide applied sunscreen to me, I would die. So that's fun.