Friday, June 17, 2016

Morning Coffee (6/17/16)

Boy, it's been A WEEK. How about some happy Friday links?

Me elsewhere: We've got a new episode of podcast The Fourth Wall; this time I'm asking Holly about ATX Festival!

Michelle Obama’s Kick-Ass Lady Crew Celebrates ‘The United State Of Women’

How the Cast of Hamilton Made Philanthropy Their Mission

!!!!! Canada launches revolutionary Star Trek coin-based economy

This is amazing: Legoland Threw Queen Elizabeth a Birthday Party Entirely Out of LEGO

Related: Prince George and Princess Charlotte came out for Trooping the Colour and THEY ARE ADORABLE.

The Strange Afterlife of Edgar Allan Poe’s Hair

What Queen Elizabeth’s 90 Years of Royal Portraits Tell Us About the Monarch (I misread this as "about the monarchy" and it's interesting from that perspective too, as far as the ways the presentation and perception of the monarchy has evolved.)

"What Milton lacks, unlike Shakespeare, is fans."

IT ME: how to enjoy a fun summer party when you hate fun and you absolutely loathe going outside.

Perfect: Every Modernist Novel Ever

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