Friday, July 8, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/8/16)

(Woke up to terrible news again; as usual on Fridays, we're going to ignore current events and go for fun distracting links, if anyone needs that. Back to normal tomorrow.)

Me elsewhere: The latest episode of The Fourth Wall is out - Holly and I talk about fanfic some more.

AGREED: AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire is The West Wing with computers. Catch up now.

!!! A British TV Network Ran Knitted Versions of Well-Known Spots for an Entire Ad Break

How a teen girl’s mad Overwatch skills struck a major blow to sexism in gaming

Let's ogle the Ralph & Russo fall line. I would like to watch a British mystery series set at a glamorous hotel where everyone wears these clothes.

Best headline ever? British singers surrounded by cheese

When I actually travel I generally want to stay in hotels, but this feature on Scandinavian holiday cottages and cabins is gorgeous and relaxing.

Heh: Poll: Americans only hate spoilers if they’re not the ones doing the spoiling

20 Fun Fiction Books to Read at the Beach, As Chosen by Authors

Ooh: Is This the Legendary Throne of Agamemnon?

Can You Handle our Handel? (I can't resist that pun.)

If Barack Obama Were Your Dad

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