Thursday, July 7, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/7/16)

I try to keep this from just becoming a list of top headlines - I figure you're getting your actual news elsewhere - but yet another black man was killed by police last night, this time after being stopped for a tail light and reaching for his license and registration.

Check out today's Google doodle for geneticist Nettie Stevens.

I read the UK’s huge Iraq War report. It’s even more damning than you think.

Wow: Former Fox News Host Accuses Roger Ailes of Crude, Relentless Sexual Harassment

Heh: Sanders booed by House Democrats

"It’s obvious now that the email controversy was the perfect Hillary Clinton scandal: an event of modest consequence that reinforces every belief about her, from burning conservative hostility to deep-seated liberal anxiety."

Theresa May, the Steely, Steady Woman Who Might Lead Britain (I disagree with her politics, of course, but I tend to admire steely, steady women.)

The crazy thing is not just that they're making a movie about an ice cream truck driver war, but that it's a totally different ice cream truck driver war than I'd first assumed.

Inside the World of Large-Scale Food Heists

Ooh: Roman coins unearthed in Devon prompt historians to redraw map of the empire

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