Friday, April 28, 2017

Morning Coffee (4/28/17)

It's been a long week, huh? Time for some happy Friday links!

Hmmm: Lea Thompson To Star In New Feature Adaptation Of ‘Little Women’

Peggy Whitson's Record Caps a String of Important Milestones for Women in Space

I am cautiously optimistic: Mindy Kaling & 3 Arts Option Alyssa Mastromonaco White House Memoir ‘Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?’ For TV

Greatest headline ever? William: 'I text Radio 1 for shoutouts'

Dear U.K. readers, please go eat Oreo peanut butter ice cream sandwiches and report back.

Delightful: Tom Hardy Chases Down Moped Thief, Profanely Confirms All Your Stereotypes About Tom Hardy

The Boston Public Library Has a ‘Car Wash’ for Books

Whoa: Duke of Wellington's 400-piece gilt dinner set laid out for first time

Aw, there are some great ones here: The Best Little Free Libraries

Build A Fry-Up And We'll Tell You Who Your British Soulmate Is (Dev Patel. OKAY.)


  1. Does the Wellington piece say how long it'll be displayed? it just looks like it's starting on April 1. If it's there through May I can go see it! !!!!

    1. Hm, I can't find dates on the museum site so I BET it'll still be there! Apsley House is probably worth a visit regardless so hopefully it wouldn't be a wasted trip anyway, but you could call them when you're over there and check.