Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: Icarus

Movie: Icarus

Documentary Icarus starts out with the filmmaker - an elite amateur cyclist - trying to test, using himself as an example, whether any athlete could beat drug tests the way Lance Armstrong did. And then it spirals madly, because he's advised to get the help of a specific Russian doctor... who turns out to be at the center of the Russian state-sponsored Olympic doping scandal that breaks as the project is going on. So the topic shifts, obviously, and the filmmaker is pulled into the story in very thought-provoking - and dangerous - ways. This is definitely worth a watch, especially in an Olympic month!

Availability: Icarus is streaming on Netflix!

Nominated In:
Documentary (Feature): Yes, sure. This was a fascinatingly made movie about an interesting, important, and timely subject.

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