Friday, March 29, 2019

Weekly Rec: Dark Chocolate Oreos

Honestly, I'm writing this because it's Thursday night and this has been yet another week of A LOT OF WEIRD AND TERRIBLE STUFF, globally, and I was eating an Oreo to cope and trying to think of something actually good to recommend to you, and... cookies. Cookies are good.

I'm generally skeptical of new Oreo flavors until I hear good reviews, but I couldn't resist DARK CHOCOLATE Oreos when I saw them in the store, and they're . . . amazing? Very chocolatey, obviously, but not too sweet, and I like that Oreo is just doubling down on the chocolate concept with them instead of adding in more weird flavors. (Some of the weird flavors are good! Most are not.) They won't replace regular Oreos for me, but they're a delicious option for occasional variety. So. If you, too, wait to hear reviews of weird new Oreos before buying: this one gets a thumbs up.

(I tried to take a picture for this post but couldn't get it to come out decently because it just looks like... a regular Oreo top and the creme doesn't even show up.)

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