Thursday, July 13, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (7/13/23)

Today is Thursday! We're almost there!

Chinese hackers breach email of Commerce Secretary Raimondo and State Department officials (WaPo)

Sudan conflict: 87 people found in Darfur mass grave, UN says (BBC)

Guatemala’s Election Thrown Into Turmoil After Top Party Is Suspended (NYT)

As NH assesses local flood damage, emergency crews also help with recovery in Vermont (NHPR)

Iowa abortion providers sue to block enforcement of 6-week ban (Iowa Public Radio)

EPA recommends stricter rules on harmful lead dust in millions of homes, schools and day cares (CNN)

SAG-AFTRA Strike Imminent as Talks Conclude With No Deal (Variety)

Good for her: Oakland mayor meets with Rob Manfred to demonstrate city made ballpark proposal to A’s (The Athletic)

Of Course Guy Fieri Was Nice to Trump (Eater)

Industrial Revolution iron method ‘was taken from Jamaica by Briton’ (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

A racist past and hotter future are testing Western water like never before (NPR)

The Most Shocking College Football Coach Firing in Recent Memory (Slate)

The Aesthetics of Noir: Ed Brubaker on His Latest Crime Graphic Novel, ‘Night Fever’ (CrimeReads)

Hurston Waldrep’s Freaky Splitter Is Coming! Beware! Beware! (FanGraphs)

Women on the Verge: The Jazz Age Origins of Burnout (LitHub)

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