Thursday, October 11, 2012

Morning Coffee (10/11/12)

Oh, hey, fun date.

Today at TheTelevixen: Beauty and the Beast was dreadful. Haven was good but heartbreaking.

Season four of The Vampire Diaries premieres tonight, and as usual, we've got everything you need over at

Oh hey, look, Harlequin's Christmas books are out. Now to begin my annual tradition of struggling not to BUY THEM ALL.

In theory, I want to read some stuff by the winner of the Nobel prize for literature, but has any phrase ever been such a turn-off as "hallucinatory realism"? No, no it has not.

Johnny Depp is making a TV show based on all of Shakespeare. ALL OF IT. This should be amazingly awful. I hope.

Cuteness for the day: Puppy and kitten think they're sisters.

Hobbit coins are now real. HOBBIT COINS. This has gone too far.

Ooh! The Queen is releasing her mother's diaries and letters.

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