Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I Watched: Drama Premieres, Guys With Kids, & More

ICYMI, my takes on last night's drama premieres: Arrow, Nashville, Chicago Fire

Guys With Kids, "The Standoff (EP104)" - It was nice to see the older boys get some screen time. This is still cute. I enjoy it. I have little to say.

Go On, "Big League Chew (EP106)" - I enjoyed the collision between Lauren's personal life and the group - the inherent power imbalance makes it perfectly natural for the group to want to learn more about Lauren, who knows so much about them, and I thought it was played very well.

The New Normal, "Bryanzilla (EP106)" - For a comedy, this show sure makes me cry a lot! This episode was thoroughly adorable AND funny AND touching, so it's getting harder and harder to keep this show at "Ryan Murphy always betrays me" arm's length.

Hex, "Pilot: The Story Begins (EP101)" - This is an older show, but BBC America just started airing it so I thought I'd give it a try. British boarding school! Sorcery! Michael Fassbender! Joseph Morgan! (Naked Joseph Morgan very early in the pilot, actually, much to my surprise.) This first episode was fine, but I mentioned the show on Twitter and everyone immediately told me that it got completely nuts and not in a good way, so... we'll see.


  1. I watched Hex from Netflix. There was one character I really liked - the roommate.

    Over the course of the first season it did get really bizarre, and agreed, it wasn't in a good way. I never bothered with the second series after that.

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