Monday, October 8, 2012

Watch I Watched: Fringe, Homeland & More

I wound up having a busier-than-expected weekend with no time to post, so hey, here's everything from Friday through Sunday . . .

Fringe, "In Absentia (EP502)" - SIMON. Sob. I'm still loving the way the Bishops are finding their way and getting to know each other again as a reunited family - and doing really well at working together - even though it's heartbreaking at times. I thought the interplay between Olivia and Etta on the torture issue was quite well done. But SIMON.

Haven, "The Farmer (EP303)" - SPEAKING OF HEARTBREAKING. I'm less annoyed with Audrey now that I know her reasons for pushing Nathan away, BUT STILL. DON'T DO THAT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW, YOUNG LADY. I'm glad she's talking to Claire, and the case of the week was interesting, and overall I liked this better than the second episode.

Call the Midwife, Episodes 1 & 2 - I finally had the chance to catch up on this, and I'm loving it. Babies! Historical setting! Constant reminders of how awesome the NHS is! And new character Chummy (starting in the second episode) definitely adds a lot.

Homeland, "Beirut Is Back (EP202)" - This was another fascinating, intense episode, but I too was concerned by the plausibility issues that Willa Paskin outlines. But we'll have to see how the payoff is. Saul and Carrie's relationship remains my favorite part of the show.

Vegas, "Money Plays (EP102)" - I'm continuing to enjoy this, but find myself with oddly little to say about it. It's good! I think! It's just not leaving much of an impression so far.

Bomb Girls, "Bringing Up Bombshell (EP104)" - I like the way this show is getting progressively more serious with the issues in the women's lives (in addition to the obviously serious war-related plots) but retaining the focus on their friendships and goals. I just realized there are only two episodes left this season and now I'm sad. The propaganda issues this week were explored well, and for some reason I'm kind of rooting for Gladys and James to make it.

Made in Jersey, "Cacti (EP102)" - I still kind of like this? I KNOW. I'm not saying it's brilliant or ground-breaking, but it would make nice comfort TV if it stuck around. Which it won't. I mean, Fringe beat it in the demo, for goodness' sake.

Blue Bloods, "Domestic Disturbance (EP302)" - This episode, with its really interesting case and high-pressure family stuff involving Linda going back to work, was actually better than the premiere, I think. But NOT ENOUGH WILL ESTES. I mean, never enough, but he was particularly lacking here, was he not?

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