Saturday, October 20, 2012

What I Watched: Haven, Blue Bloods, Elementary

Haven, "Double Jeopardy (EP305)" - Oh, Nathan. Nathan Nathan Nathan. I completely understand why he's doing what he's doing, and yet it's killing me at the same time. I absolutely do not trust Jordan, but their dynamic is undeniably fascinating. And I liked Duke better this week than I had in quite a while. And with Audrey - again, I understand why she's doing what she's doing, but ARGH. I thought the Trouble of the week this week was particularly good, and creepier than usual.

Blue Bloods, "Scorched Earth (EP304)" - Hey, they remembered Jamie exists! Awesome! I like this kind of plot for him - normal issues that a new cop would have to confront, but heightened because of the microscope he knows he's under. I also like when one case ends up linking the whole family like this, though at the same time, if they did that every week it would be completely unbelievable. And Frank Reagan and Kate Beckett should team up with their "get out of my city" speeches. That was awesome.

Elementary, "Child Predator (EP103)" - I keep liking this show more and more, and not just because they keep having Jonny Lee Miller be shirtless for no apparent reason. They developing dynamic between Holmes and Watson is done very well, and I like the way they make it clear that Holmes's skills are extraordinary without being gimmicky about the presentation. At the beginning of this episode, I thought I saw where the case was going, but I was wrong AND the actual solution was better than what I expected, which is basically the best thing for a case of the week to do.

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